Sunday, 29 July 2012

On the sampradAya of nIla paTa-s

"There was one such sampradAya of nIla paTa-s. The jaina-s discuss about it in the scripture purAtana prabandha samgraha. From what has been said about their methods of sAdhnA, it seems that these people were propagators of a very lowly, hedonistic cult. Eat, drink and be merry was their only ideal. Men and women stayed together covering themselves with single sheet of blue cloth. One such couple was asked a question on dharma by the daughter of bhoja upon which the woman named 'darshinI' preached her hedonistic thought.

'What is gone will never return back. Penance and undergoing hardship for the same is utter wastage and what is lost is lost forever. The reality is that this body is merely a complex of jada tatva-s and nothing more than that'

When bhoja heard about them, he obliterated their cult. We don't hear anything about nIlapaTa-s in our literature due to this reason."

-translated from madhyakAlIn dharma sAdhnA by sri hazAri prasAda dwivedI.

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  1. A note on the nIlapaTa-s has also been preserved in the Sinhalese nikAyasaMgraha. The vajiriyavAda (circa 9th c.) in fact is even more intensely hedonistic in its approach. See Lynn A. De Silva's "Buddhism: Beliefs and Practices in Sri Lanka" (p. 34).