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"guru said reassuringly, 'devI, there is nothing to fear. kutarka is making you nervous. You will gradually understand this secret. Have you heard the name of the sAkshAta shiva avatara gOrakhshnAtha? He, by the means of breath control, has created a vidhi to make the body immortal. He is the one who has formulated the vidhi of the amogha-rasa-siddhi. devI, do not think of pArada as a trivial element; it is verily the extract of the sarvAnga of lord trinayana himself.' "

"chandralekhA moved her hand again for rasamardanam. The gyrating sound of kharala to her appeared to gyrate the entire atmosphere around her. That strange sound, like a coin in a broken brass vessel, permeated the entire shamshAna. She remained unmoved outwardly, but was scarred deep within. Her fear aggravated. She moved her hands faster. The faster her hands move, the more her mind loses control. And she lost her sight from the face of her guru. The waves of sedhi river collided with that pure ground. One by one, the skeletons stood up and started performing terrible dances. chandralekhA could not watch that dance for long. Fear made her eyes close inadvertently. [...] something was happening, but what was it?"

"chandralekhA started to lose her consciousness. A small segment of cloud appeared in the eastern end of the sky and within moments expanded to cover the other end too. That peculiar deposit of biege clouds deepened ceaselessly. Suddenly the fearful sound of thunder and lightening engulfed all directions. A curvaceous light ray ripped through the east. It appeared as if a peculiar tapasvin percolated on the ground out of that light. The tripunDra lines on his prominent forehead appeared like the stairs of siddhi.

In his left hand was an aksha-mAlA and a sindUra soaked trishUla in right. He wore a mudrA made of deer horns pierced in the middle of his ears. He appeared to be floating. The mAlA-s of seli and shrangi waved with the breeze and the rudrAksha mAlA collided with his heavy locks. chandralekhA distincly saw that he was coming towards her but his eyes were fixed somewhere else."

"At the same time, she saw a shadow approaching near her from behind, which was followed by an army of jackals and eagles, and a huge intoxicatedly running  horde of kapAla carrying yoginI-s. Ahead of all, was the the most fearsome form of mahAvidhyA, the Chinnamasta. chandralekhA shuddered with fear. Resting on the waist of that terrible wrathful naked form was a golden mekhlA. Chinnamasta held a k^rapANa in her one hand and her own head in the other, which was savouring on the blood pouring out of her own severed torso.  Both her sakhi-s --DAkini and shAkini-- heavily drunk in blood, were running behind her. The wind became stronger, lightening more intense and the clouds even more darker than before."

"ChinnamastA stopped."

"It appeared as if the entire atmosphere had stood still. The cycle of earth waited with bated breath for something unprecedented to happen and the dance of kaal devatA ruptured. ChinnamastA's mouth spoke- 'chandralekhA is replete with all strI-lakshaNa-s. Quell your hunger with her siddhi providing flesh.' The horde of yogini-s danced with howling pleasure,  the directions exploded with the ugra screams of pheru-s and the sky began to tore apart by the calls of owls.  From her head to toe, chandralekhA experienced a shock of terrible fear. At that point, the tapasvin interrupted. His voice was clear,  every single swara was pleasing to ears, and the speech consisted of a kind of confidence. The tapasvin said, 'anuchita is happening O devI! The maryAdA of pArada should not be defiled. The hands of chandralekhA have teja of dhUrjaTi; if you will not protect it, then who will? bhagwatI, merely opposing for the sake of oppostion does not suit you.' "

"chandralekhA surprisingly watched the head of ChinnamastA now sitting back to the torso. DAkini and varNini merged into one in a strange manner. chinnamastA became tripurabhairavI. Her body still had the dusky tone and face the chanDa bhAva, but her terrifying feeling was no more there. chandralekhA recalled how nArada provoked pArvati when she was still at her father's house, how pArvati assumed the tribhuvana mohini form, how she then saw her own dark shadow in shiva's heart and how then shiva jocularly named that shadow tripurabhairavI. TripurabhairavI is the shadow of tripurasundarI; only the shade is different. ChandralekhA remembered the story heard in childhood. Due to this color difference, tripurabhairavI grants siddhi easily to an upAsaka.  Due to her abode being shiva's heart and attracting the mahAmAyA bhagwati tripurasundarI herself, she is revered among the bhakta-s in her siddhi-dAtrI form."

"The g^Riha-gaNa of ChandralekhA are pleased today, all her births are fulfilled today, she is having the darshana of sAkshAta tripurabhairavI. But who is this tapasvin? His body is made up of light rays. This jyOti manDala -- it seems to be created by filtering the flames of fire, tied with golden laces,  extracted out of spark trails and gems like sUrya. Who is  this uninvited kind tApasa?"

"TripurabhairavI angrily spoke, 'Goraksh, you are not only an amsha of shiva, you are sAkshAta shiva rUpa. You know very well why have I assumed this terrifying form. The teja of dhUrjaTi is fruitless, it has only provoked the anger of devI. It is an abhishApa. "

"chandralekhA idenfitied the unmatched tapasvin. This was the great guru gOrakshnAtha. The speech of devI caused him a little discomfort. His mukhamandala relfected a tiny pulse. He spoke in a tone befitting the guru-s, 'bhagwati, pardon my aprAdha. This pArada is an extract of the body of omnipresent devaguru bhagwAna shankara. It can't be desecrated by tripurabhairavI herself. devI you are amOgha-vAka. If you do not wish the pArada to be established in the world, then even mahAkala himself can't create hurdles in it. But O devI, do you think your anger is just? It is insolent towards shiva's teja, it also renders all strI-lakshaNa-s worthless, and lastly, it subsides an active kunDalinI. I am not bothered if gOrakshnAtha is erased, for what is the value of gOrakshnAtha and nAgnAtha in the flux of this cosmic cycle! But look at the great samkalpA which nAgnAtha has undertook. gOraksha might be no more, it is irrelevant, but samkalpA for the salvation of all beings from aging and death is great. The source of this cosmos will dry up should this deed come under threat. devI, ponder over it again, is your anger just? The world needs your dakshiNamukha. devI, give up this prachanDa rUpa."

"bhagwatI's face glew up like a blooming pundarika. An indescribable aura surrounded her form. Her anger ridden face turned normal, and the body bright like hot gold. With a naturally flowing charm, she said, 'gOraksha, you speak the truth. The mahimA of this teja of shiva is proved in union with abhraka. strI-lakshaNa will not be fruitless for I am myself prabhudhda kundalinI. (you) Have nAgnAtha correct his dosha-s.  If he wants to attain the siddhi, then he should completely commit himself to this shubha samkalpA. He shall get, as he gives. He has ahamkAra. He is adamant about getting the pArada (siddhi), he did not accept chandralekhA his guru, he did not awaken her kula-kunDalinI. Even if she attains the siddhi, in this state, she will become an unbearable weight."

"chandralekhA praised her fortune after seeing this rupa of tripurasundarI. What can be a bigger siddhi than this?"

"With an affectionate look towards gOrakshanAtha, bhagwatI spoke again, 'It is pointless to fight with mAyA. Entire world is regressing under it's own karma. Look gOraksha, there is no way to go beyond it. (you) Leave the attempt of moving on that path.' "

"gOraksha chuckled and replied, 'Pardon my aprAdha devI! The law of karma can be broken, there cerainly is a way to break the cycle of life and death. To fight mAya is pointless, but I know of a way to render mAyA pointless. bhagwatI, (please) get away from my path, or else it wouldn't be good.' "

"bhagwatI laughed, 'We will see about that' and she disappeared. "

"nAgnAtha laughed, (and) said,'devI, you do not know, my guru has a quarrel with bhagwatI. guru annihilated bhagwatI's pride twice at kAmarUpa and hinglAja. bhagwatI is finding out a way to defeat my guru. But (the) guru never disobeyed him, never expressed any kind of imprudence towards her, this is his power. He clearly told me never to do anything against the will of bhagwatI. siddhi can be attained only by making bhagwatI happy."

-translated from chAru chandralekhA by sri hazArI prasAda dwivedI.

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